About Equeum

Equeum is a Web3, decentralized platform for a blockchain-based creator economy. In this creator economy, developers retain ownership of what they create, and can use the platform to monetize the value they create for consumers of blockchain-based applications and for other developers.
The platform enables creators to compete and collaborate, effectively bringing a collective intelligence to the development of blockchain-based content, on a scale far beyond the capabilities of any single company. Just as developers benefit from the value they create, Equeum also benefits from the value it provides to developers and to consumers of the value they create, but the majority of the revenue generated flows back to developers.
The Equeum platform provides software, data, development tools, and EQL, a proprietary, domain-specific language for creating platform resources.

Video Tutorials

Check out short video tutorials on key topics. These videos are both the best way of getting oriented and ideal for future quick reference.

Editor, Charts, and Library

The Equeum interface is made up of three resizable panels:
  1. 1.
    Editor: write scripts using EQL (EQL Syntax)
  2. 2.
    Chart: shows the output of scripts (Working with Charts)
  3. 3.
    Library : repository of all the system and user-created resources (The Library)

Default Starter Script

A starter script appears when creating a new script, and provides a walk through of how to use EQL to create and chart scripts. To change the default, go to Settings > Editor Preferences > Edit Default Script.

Help Resources

Read our FAQs for frequently asked questions.
To contact support for account or login issues, see Help
On Stack Overflow use the tags equeum or eql to get assistance from other users and our developers.
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